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KS3 - Core P.E Dance.


KS4 - GCSE Dance


KS3 Dance

Dance in year 7,8 and 9 is a six-week module within P.E. Each student will have the opportunity to create, perform and evaluate professional dance works such as, Carman by Matthew Bourne and work by the Balletboyz. Students will also use sport to understand how movement can be created whilst using choreographic skills to develop movement further. As well as looking at contemporary dance, students will also have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills in a range of styles such as street dance, samba, capoeira, contact work and parkour. Students are taught in single sex or mixed P.E groups and have the opportunity to perform in multiple school shows and workshops. They also have the opportunity to attend an after-school dance club.  


KS4 GCSE Dance

Course Description 

Dance at Carter is an exciting way to broaden your knowledge about the professional dance world and build up a key skills base that can be transferred to any subject. Dance is a practical and theoretical subject. It is a two-year course where you will be required to attend an extra power hour and rehearsals after school. Students will study a variety of professional works which enable students to explore various dance styles including contemporary, urban, contact and ballet. This may be through video or live performance. There are 3 components including performance, choreography and a written exam based on students own practice in practical work and the GCSE Dance anthology.


Component 1- Internally marked and externally moderated. 60% of the GCSE.

Performance- This includes two set study performances and a duet/trio that is taught to the student. This is all worth 40 marks which is 30% of the GCSE.

Choreography- The exam board will give questions for students to explore and choreograph, either a group or solo dance. This is worth 40 marks, 30% of the GCSE.

Component 2- Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes. Questions are based on students' own practice in performance and choreography and the GCSE Dance anthology. This is worth 80 marks and is 40% of the GCSE.

Students will have the opportunity to perform in school shows and other events. They will also participate in workshops with visiting dancers or companies and attend theatre trips to see live dance performances.



You may wish to study Performing Arts or Drama, Dance and Theatre Studies in more depth at A Level. The skills you learn on this course are transferable to any industry and might include such fields as retail, travel and tourism, theatre management, event organisation, sales and marketing or any career that involves meeting people face to face.  For further information please contact Miss Hogg.     

If you would like to discuss the work that we do or further information about the Dance curriculum then please contact Miss L Hogg at hoggl@carter.poole.sch.uk


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