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Media Studies

Media Studies develops an understanding into the products we consume in everyday life, whether it is on the television, on our mobile phones or in a newspaper. One of the key foci is the importance of a target audience and how these products are designed to acquire it. Whilst analyzing these products and their conventions, students are tasked to design different media products from music videos, magazines, video games and film & television. They must take all of their knowledge that they learn into consideration in order to fulfil the criteria required to succeed in this course.

Students undertake the Single Award and have to complete three pieces of coursework (which makes up 60% of their final grade, one of which involves the manufacturing of a media product. At the end of the course is an exam which makes up the remaining 40%.

This year the students are completing their coursework on: Moving Image; Promotion of Music and Magazines.

The end of year exam topic for this year is Television News.

If you would like to discuss the work that we do or further information about the Media Studies curriculum then please contact Miss C Symons at SymonsC@carter.poole.sch.uk


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