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Extra-Curricular Clubs:

CHOIR – Wednesday lunchtimes. A chance to sing to sing songs old and new with your friends. Joining the choir helps to build confidence as as musical skills, with various performance opportunities throughout the year. All are welcome!

REHEARSAL TIMES: Pupils are encouraged to use the music room to practice when possible - this is especially important for BTEC students but key stage 3 can also make the most of the time if they wish. Hamworthy Library situated next to the school also has excellent facilities for pupils to practice, rehearse and record their work in the recording studio for free!

Instrumental lessons:

We currently offer instrumental lessons on drums, violin and piano. However additional lessons may take place depending on the needs of the pupil.


Year 7


Composing a piece a music inspired by the group Stomp! This unit focusses on using rhythms and pulse.

Ukulele Skills

Learning to play “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” by Moby on the ukuleles, and musical notation.


Learning about the instruments of the orchestra, and writing a piece of music inspired by the piece “Vltava” by the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana.

Year 8


Writing a radio advert including a voiceover, underscore and jingle.

Time Lapse

Producing a whole class performance of “Time Lapse” by Michael Nyman, developing ensemble and individual instrumental skills.

Band Project

Forming small bands to learn a piece of pop music of your choice!

Year 9

Horror Films

Composing scary music to accompany a horror movie trailer, using a variety of compositional techniques.

Film Themes

Learning to play 3 different film themes on the keyboards or the guitars.


Learning about the history and conventions of jazz music, performing a piece of jazz and having a go at improvising solos. 

BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Music is equivalent to 2 GCSE grades.

Distinction* = A*



Distinction = A

Merit = B

Pass = C


The qualification will give you an insight into how the music industry works, as well as learning about promoting a musical product, running a show and developing performance skills.

The qualifcation consists of:

Unit 1 – The Music Industry. This unit involves a 1 hour exam in the summer.

Unit 2 – Managing a Music Product. This unit is assessed through coursework.

Unit 3 – An Introduction to Live Sound. This unit is assessed through coursework.

Unit 5 – An Introduction to Performance. This unit is assessed through coursework and 2 performances.

Each unit is assessed individually, and contirbutes to the overall grade.

You must have:

Practical musical skills. Performances can be done on any instrument, including voice.

Organisation skills. You must complete coursework to deadlines – this includes rehearsing your instrument.

An interest in the music industry. This course will provide you with information about producing music, and give you a kick start in the music industry.


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