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Carter U13 Girls Handball Team

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Carter U13 Girls Handball Team

From the Commentary Box!

The Carter U13 Girls Handball Team had made their way to the school games finals at Leaf Academy by winning previous games in their County. For most of the Year 7 players this was the first time they had ever been to Leaf or even played in a Handball final. We were up against 4 different schools and had our games spread across the morning. 

Lockyer's 4 - Carter 1

We had played Lockyer's previously and only lost by one point so the girls wanted to make this a win. The game started slowly as it took Carter a while to get into it and during this time Lockyer's managed to sneak two goals passed our fantastically brave goalkeeper Rosie. Ebony and Jess held their own in defence and managed to stop Lockyer's from making too many attacks. On the break Amelia managed to score a fantastic goal against Lockyer's to give us our first point. Unfortunately they got another two goals but this game made us realise we needed to step it up a gear!

Purbeck 1 - Carter 0 

This was a tough game as Purbeck's defence was very strong but the girls were ready to take on the challenge. Amelia and Jeni tried really hard to break it and had many shots on goal but the goalkeeper managed to get her hands to it every time. Evee got seriously stuck into this game and battled with the attack so much so that it knocked her glasses off and she was asked to take them off to play. Sasha played up-front during this match and showed good commitment in getting the ball to the attacking zone. After seven minutes of 0-0 during an evenly matched game, Purbeck managed to break our defence and scored a goal to make it 1-0 to Purbeck. 

Shaftesbury 3 - Carter 1 

The girls were really starting to pick up their game and gave Shaftesbury a run for their money. Meyram and Nursen played really well in defence and started to understand when to drop back to defend the goal and communicate this with the team. The girls really showed some fight and aggression against Shaftesbury and it was a fantastic match to watch. Both teams scored early to make it 1-1 and it stayed level until the final minutes of the game. Carter had many shots on goal but no success; they started to become tired which gave Shaftesbury the opportunity to score. The girls’ confidence and game skills had really started to develop by the end of this game and it was great to watch. 

Wye Valley 0 - Carter 1

Final game and Miss Elliott was really proud of the girls' efforts and improvements throughout the morning. After a quick team talk the girls were ready for their final game, all Miss Elliott wanted was for them to show grit and determination to the bitter end. It was a very close game with a few shots on goal but no success from either team. With the final minute Jeni managed to push up towards the goal and use her height to receive a fantastic cross from her team mates. After much practise in between games Jeni had the opportunity to put this into action. As she wound up for the shot she went for the jump and aimed for the goalie’s feet. The ball landed in the back of the net and the Carter girls celebrated in style.  The final whistle went and Carter had got their first win of the competition. 

The girls were absolutely ecstatic and enjoyed every minute of their win. This was the final game of the tournament and the girls finished it in style. Miss Elliott is super proud of all the girls that represented Carter in the Handball finals and hopes that they had a fantastic day. 

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