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KS4 Parents' Guide

What can I do to help?
You can help by:

  • recognising how important these exams are and how much time your son/daughter will need if they are to do as well as they can;

  • not asking them to do too many chores or look after younger brothers and sisters;

  • encouraging the rest of the family to help by not disturbing revision;

  • securing a quiet place for study, where their work can be safely kept;

  • encouraging planned relaxation time (too much study is not helpful);

  • praising hard work;

  • emphasising the need for plenty of sleep;

  • helping them to forget about each exam as it is finished;

  • reminding them that it will soon be over and there will be a good break from school when they can catch up on what they have been missing!

During the Spring Term

Get your son/daughter to check that they have all the notes and books they need for revision. Get them to talk to their teacher if they are missing any. Check that they have a revision timetable which includes the dates and times of the examinations in May and June. The school can supply a blank revision timetable or you can download one from the following website: www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/keystage3. Make sure that coursework deadlines are also included on the revision timetable.  Your son/daughter will not be able to do much revision when they are working hard to complete coursework. The timetable should be used to plan revision sessions. These should be spread out evenly so that your son/daughter is not planning to do too much all at once. Having the timetable displayed in their room is a good idea as it will help them stick to the plan. Encourage your son/daughter to ask for help at school on any parts of their work they do not understand. Encourage your son/daughter to persevere and to work hard in the run-up to the exams.


During the Exam Period
Try to ensure that:

  • Your son/daughter gets a good night’s sleep before exams.

  • They have all the equipment they need:

    • Sometimes they may need:

      • a calculator;

      • a protractor;

    • They know the start times of every exam that day;

    • You wish them well, tell them they have worked hard enough and that they can only do their best;

    • You look forward to seeing them at the end of the day.

    And when its all over

    Tell your son/daughter to relax and forget about studying for a while. Perhaps you can celebrate by cooking them their favourite meal.

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