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You said, We did

Thank you for responding to our parental surveys. They give us vital information for improvements which we act upon as soon as we can.  Please read below for the changes we have made so far in response to your feedback:  

You said that parents/carers needed more regular information about your son/daughter's progress. 
We have replaced our previous Management Information System with ePortal to allow you to access your son/daughter’s progress data at any time. We sent out letters with login details for parents/carers and have offered a training session for this at each mentor evening this year. Parent Portal can be accessed via our Parents tab on the school website.  

You said that text message is your preferred method of communication and that you would like to know about parents’ evening further in advance. 

We have set up the text alert system to inform parents/carers of forthcoming parents’ evenings two weeks in advance as well as sending out letters. 
You said that the school does not always ensure that the students are well behaved.  We have introduced an on-call duty system.
We have introduced new rules regarding mobile phones to reduce disruption – they are no longer allowed out inside the building.
We now carry out weekly monitoring of behaviour to identify trends in low level issues.
We have introduced new rules regarding the use of appropriate language to raise our standards and have implemented a set tariff for non-compliance. 

You said that the school does not always deal effectively with bullying. We have put an anti-bullying action plan in place:  
-Assemblies (anti-bullying week, cyber bullying)
-Feedback records for students on how the issue was dealt with
-Anti-bullying student ambassadors 
-Anti-bullying charter which the whole school has signed up to
-Anti-bullying noticeboard
-Anti-bullying email address set up for students for help and advice.

You said that the school website was not up-to-date and that you would like to see updated photos, letters home and upcoming events.  We shared your feedback with the ICT Support Team who have now updated the website and continue to do so on a weekly basis. We have added a ‘Bulletin Board’ with key dates on the home page and have added all recent letters home and new photos to the gallery, in addition to many other updates. 

You said that you wanted to know the positive news about your son/daughter’s performance at school as well as the negatives. We have implemented a new policy where staff are to make at least three positive phone calls home per week in order to keep you updated. 

You said that your child does not always receive appropriate homework for their age. 
We have introduced a homework timetable for all years to which staff must adhere. We have regular staff training on homework. Each Head of Department monitors homework – frequency, quality and marking – each half term and feeds back to the teachers. A member of the Senior Leadership Team also monitors homework across the school and follows up any issues. 
You said that the school does not always make sure that its pupils are well behaved.
We have adopted a new behaviour policy to include:
-a KS4 binary isolation room for any student who has a duty call
-a recently appointed dedicated Progress team for KS3 (led by Miss Hurlock) and KS4 (led by Mr Heard)
-online behaviour records reviewed and followed up daily
-In-school support sessions for students e.g. anger management
You said that the school does not always provide valuable information on progress.
We continue to provide parents and carers with progress reports each term (which are also available online via Parent Portal), which includes information on attainment and targets. We also hold annual consultation evenings and mentor evenings for each year group. This year we have held additional evenings, such as the year 7 Tutor Evening and KS4 Curriculum Evening. We welcome your suggestions and are very keen to work with parents/carters to support our students.
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