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ePortal is a system available for students and parents/carers on a single database that provides attendance, behaviour, assessment ,progress and personal data about each child in a simple-to-understand format through the web interface. 

Through the school's interface ePortal, you can log on securely at any time from any web-enabled computer to reach real time information. You can then check that your child is in school, inspect behaviour reports, or monitor academic progress. 

Another advantage of ePortal access is that you can check your child's timetable and ensure they are prepared for lessons. It gives you more sense of involvement in your child's day. You are involved in planning so your child arrives with their PE kit or ready for Food Technology or Music lessons.  

Increased electronic assessment recording now makes information more easily available to you as well as boosting progress. The system is used for annual reporting, student tracking, target setting and recording subject assessments.  

Apart from authorised members of the School staff, we will only issue passwords to parents or current guardians, You will have received a letter in the post with details (Oct 2010)

Please click here for the ePortal login page - See below for help documentation

Help Documentation

In-depth help guide.pdf 513KB Quick start guide
Quick start help guide.pdf 787KB In-depth guide
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